It’s difficult seeing the injustices of the world and it’s hard to fathom how you can make a noticeable difference.

Don’t wait for the world to change. Have the courage to be a living example of liberty, joyfulness, and prosperity.

Parents For Liberty is a community of individuals and families who are committed to fully immersing themselves and their families into the principles of liberty, nonviolence, self-ownership, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The goal is joyfulness and creating the life you want without waiting on anything outside of yourself.

Parenting on a foundation of first principles is necessary for facilitating the development of free thinking, peaceful, prosperous individuals. We teach our children by creating an enriching environment to guide their natural curiosity. Our relationships are built upon the premise of mutual respect, authenticity, and goodwill, which extends to everyone we choose to associate with – child to senior.

We have a large vision for this website. Aside from publishing consistent articles and information, we plan on using forums and an onsite social environment to help families connect with one another to create community. We are also working towards developing a system that will handle member contributed educational materials, and resources. For homeschool families, or those considering the transition, we’ve developed a¬†home education directory.