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Jessica and I were first concerned with teaching our toddler how to use sign language as well as emphasizing language development so that he could do all kinds of fancy tricks, which most define as a … [Read more...]

Principles of Liberty – Video Library (user contributed)


You can contribute to the video library here. … [Read more...]

The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium

The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium  A Briefing by Kevin Cole  HIstory... Interview    YouTube

Source: Peace Revolution and TragedyandHope.com Notes, Links, & References for "The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium" 1m “The Great Chain of Being and the Organic Unity of the … [Read more...]

Free High School and College Liberty Seminars


Our friends at Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) are offering FREE liberty seminars for high school and college age students.  We strongly recommend these programs as a gift of liberty for your … [Read more...]

Explore Libertarian Parenting – Frances Kendall: Freedom and the Child

Frances Kendall  Freedom and the Child   YouTube

Frances Kendall is a portrait artist, businesswoman, former politician, and author living in South Africa. She is the co-author (with Leon Louw) of South Africa: The Solution (1986). This 1984 … [Read more...]

Sugata Mitra – Child-Driven Education – Deep Learning Without A Teacher.


Sugata Mitra's "Hole in the Wall" experiments have shown that, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other, if they're motivated by curiosity and … [Read more...]

Podcast: Justin Arman Speaking About Conscious Parenting on Rise Up Radio


Justin Arman and John Bush, of Rise Up Radio, discuss conscious, natural parenting. … [Read more...]

Nicky’s Family – A true story about a man who took action and saved 669 children.

Nicky s Family

When you think nothing can be done, think again. This story will inspire you to fill a need when you see it. This is what high moral character looks like: Nicky's Family tells the nearly … [Read more...]

Podcast: Exploring The Montessori Education System With A Montessori Teacher

maria montessori

Justin Arman, of Parents For Liberty, explores the Montessori education model with Rachel Davison, a facilitator at a Montessori middle school farm program in Indiania. Rachel Davison is the founder … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 1: The Public Education Problem with Mary Ruwart Ph.D.


In this episode, Justin Arman and Dr. Mary Ruwart will discuss the problems of public education and why home and private education is the only solution. Dr. Ruwart is a research scientist, … [Read more...]