Free High School and College Liberty Seminars

Our friends at Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) are offering FREE liberty seminars for high school and college age students.  We strongly recommend these programs as a gift of liberty for your children.

Sara Walcott, the High School Programs Coordinator at FEE, wanted to share this opportunity with you:

Are you looking for a summer educational opportunity for your students?  One where they can learn about topics such as liberty, history, and economics from qualified professors?  One where they can meet new friends and experience life on a college campus?  One where they will have the best three days of their lives?  One that is FREE?

Then check out the high school and college summer seminars offered by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)!  There are ten seminars located in six different locations across the country, so check out to find the one that fits your interests and schedule!  Seminar topics include Intro to the Real World, Liberty: The Original Trendsetter, and Anything Peaceful.

Applications are now OPEN and close on March 31st.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so apply today!

Here is what some of last year’s students had to say about FEE Summer Seminars! If you have a question, check out the FAQ page or send an email to

Be sure to tell friends and family to apply, too.  If they list you as their reference, you could win up to $150 on an Amazon gift card! The more referrals you have, the more you could win!  Additional details for the referral program are here.

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