Parents For Liberty 2013 Fall Conference | Austin

October 12th in Austin, TX
An all star lineup of dynamic presentations…
Learning, the path to achieving liberty, prosperity, and joyfulness, in our lifetime.


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Our speakers have been carefully chosen to offer a unique perspective to the meaning of education, and to explore how the love of learning may truly set us free. While other conferences give you tools to teach your children what they “need” to know, our conference focuses on the critical thinking skills needed to distinguish propaganda from useful—and truthful—insights.

Home schooling can be more than just an education. Unlike “regular” schools, home schooling provides an ideal environment where students can be encouraged to reason things out for themselves, to become fully immersed in their interests, and to create an adventurous life that follows a ‘curriculum’ of real experiences. We understand that home schooling isn’t for everyone. A couple of our presenters have started their own academies and have the insight to help you explore other options.

Without the ability to think critically, children and adults can easily be duped, cheated, and robbed. Government-run schools—and even some private ones—do not teach our children to question or reason; instead, they demand acceptance of the viewpoint presented. Instead of learning to think independently and evaluate what they hear, our youngsters are taught to be subservient and accepting of whatever “authorities” tell them. This orientation makes the next generation more susceptible to propaganda and manipulation by those who would control them, including the political elites and special interests.

Physical control of a population by a government or a minority is virtually impossible without some level of consent from the people. If our children are taught to defer to “authorities” rather than their own internal compasses, propaganda can more readily get them to act in ways that they normally would find repugnant or immoral.

Freedom, prosperity, and joyfulness are available to us only to the extent that we are willing to explore, question, and examine the principles we live by. People who cannot or will not work things through for themselves invariably become controlled or enslaved, overtly or covertly. They forfeit their freedom and its blessings without ever knowing how they were lost.

All of our conference speakers understand these ideas. Each will present you with an aspect of self-determination that can be incorporated into your home environment to empower your children and yourselves to create a better future.

Enjoy a full day of presentations, resources, and like-minded people that love liberty. A healthy breakfast and lunch will be provided.

We suggest ages 13 and up. This conference is primarily for adults.


Dr. Larry Reed
Michael Strong
Dr. Mary Ruwart
Jason Rink
Dr. Norman Horn
Max Borders
Carly Borders
Antonio Buehler
John Bush
Cat Bleish
Heather Fazio
Kurt Hildebrand
Justin Arman

About Our Speakers

Dr. Larry Reed: President of the Foundation for Economic Education. Author of six books, including A Republic If We Can Keep It. His scholarship and extensive travel to over eighty countries has provided him with deep insights into importance of moral character and why teaching this is the most important gift one can give their children. He also explains that studying human character can help one track the rise and fall of civilizations as well as the success of the individual and the family.

Michael Strong: Co-Founder and Board Member, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Co-Founder and Board Member, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer  of the FLOW Project, which is now called ‘Radical Social Entrepreneurs’  a global network of visionaries, innovators, and creators focused on using radically new approaches to solve complex world problems. Co-Founder and Board Member, The Free Cities Institut. Lead Author, Be the Solution:  How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems. Author, The Habit of Thought:  From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice. Blogger at “The Purpose of Education is Happiness and Well-Being for All,” “Let a Thousand Nations Bloom,” and “Radical Social Entrepreneurs”. Co-Founder of The Bronze Doors Academy here in Austin

Jason Rink: Educator, Author, and Producer of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy. He and his wife have a school in Austin that uses the classical education model built on upon the 7 liberal arts. He will be showing parents how to offer their children a rigorous, classical education even if they, themselves, were schooled by the State. He follows the liberal arts model, however he has techniques that work for the modern household, and he’ll show parents how to provide this sort of education in a low stress, flexible environment.

Dr. Mary Ruwart – Research scientist, professor, and Author of the Internationally Acclaimed Book, ‘Healing Our World’ – will be giving a presentation on how children outside of Government schooling can pave a direct path towards early entrepreneurial success, and how homeschoolers can generally make better scientists.

Dr. Norman Horn has a unique story to tell. He will discuss his path from homeschooler to Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He is a very well-known activist and has an organization called Libertarian Christians…

Antonio Buehler – Founder of the Peaceful Streets Project and CEO of Beuhler Education is a Stanford Grad that is currently attending Harvard University. He’s an admissions counselor for families that are educating their children outside of the State. He councils families based on a child’s unique interests and works with them to create goals for developing the type of portfolios that can get them admitted to the most elite universities. He also helps families break the ‘need to go to college’ paradigm, and shows children how to be successful on their own if they are not on the sort of academic path that necessitates a formal degree.

John Bush and Catherine Bleish – They will be speaking on sovereign living and raising children on first principles that, in one generation, could create a more peaceful, prosperous, and joyful world. John and Cat operate a nonprofit called The Center For Natural Living which is a philanthropic endeavor with the goal of meeting the needs of the community outside of the political system.

Max Borders (Event Host) – Editor of The Freeman and Author of Superwealth.

Carly Borders – Carly runs a community school in Austin called, Soleil School. Carly is a Montessorian teacher that has created her own whole learning framework, which incorporates 21st Century technology for interactive learning combined with Socratic dialog. Her school greatly emphasizes character development. She’ll be providing tools on how to bring this educational philosophy into the home environment and what to look for in a private school.

Kurt Hildebrand – Presentation on “Comprehension Through Experience”
Even as we acquire ever greater access to recorded information, human knowledge is being invisibly lost. Our conventional educational paradigms have declared certain topics, skills, and types of learning obsolete in the modern technological age. In Comprehension Through Experience, Kurt Hildebrand discusses his own journey of rediscovering some of the lost life lessons of human experience and their incredible value toward the development of reason, consciousness, morality, and empathy.”

Event schedule will be posted soon. Registration is at 8:30am with breakfast, presentations will go from 9:30am to 6:30pm with a break for lunch. We will end just before dinner with a keynote from Dr. Larry Reed.


Soundcheck Austin
1901 E 51st St #4
Austin, TX 78723

Events starts at 8:30am.

Pre-registration is now closed. There are still tickets available, however event may sell out. 

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