Conference Financial Aid Application

If you cannot afford $50/ticket, then you may request financial aid here. It is very important to us to have you attend, let us know what you can afford, and we’ll call you for payment. If you need free tickets, then we’ll review your application and approve when possible. If you believe that you can afford the full ticket price, the please visit the conference page here.

The tickets are priced for us to break even, however we wish to fully support you getting to our event.
Money should not get in the way! Event details here.

  • Priced at $25 per ticket. What can you afford?

    It is important for us that you attend. Though the conference tickets are priced to break even, we would like to help you get to the event. Below, type in an amount you can afford for the number of tickets you selected. The only requirement is that you attend the event all day.
  • $0.00
  • Upon submission, Parents For Liberty will review and call you for payment. If you cannot afford a ticket, we'll review the application for approval.

    Please allow 1 day. If payment is not made within 1 business day, your request will be canceled. Free tickets will be given upon approval.