Endorsement By Dr. Lawrence Reed of FEE.org

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the endorsement and contribution of Dr. Larry Reed, President of the Foundation For Economic Education.

The future of America—indeed, its very survival—depends on men and women taking charge of their families and their children’s education. Government will never teach liberty, character, independence or peace. That’s a responsibility of parents, which in turn implies such things as private schooling, home schooling and unschooling. When good people like Justin and Jessica Arman start exciting support groups like Parents for Liberty on these premises, it should give all who believe in a free and civil society great hope. – Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education.

Dr. Reed and FEE.org generously donated several batches of books for our members, including: ”I, Pencil” by Leonard Read, and “Great Myths of the Great Depression.” by Dr. Reed, himself. We will be shipping them out once they arrive. Join Parents For Liberty now to get your copies.

We encourage you to visit the extensive library resource at FEE.org, their education modules, and The Freeman magazine.

FEE.org also offers seminars for high school age students (around 14-years-old) and College students, which the founders of Parents For Liberty will be sending their children to. See seminar availability here. We will be sharing more about FEE’s programs, so stay tune.

Dr. Reed gave an inspiring speech on human character and we have the privilege of sharing this with you here. We encourage you to watch this with your family.