Is Parents For Liberty associated with a political party?

No. When you hear references to libertarianism, this simply means liberty, volunteerism, and the principle of non-aggression.

Are you a nonprofit?

We are currently not registered as a nonprofit, however all dollars donated to Parents For Liberty will go towards this organization, member support, and maintenance fees. We are considering formalizing this organization as a legal nonprofit.

If I have spanked my child, does that mean I’m a bad person?

Absolutely not. We’re all just doing the very best we know how to. The founders of this organization have made the same mistakes. Most of us were hit, and over 90% of people think spanking is okay, so go easy on yourself. Watch all of the videos on this website on peaceful parenting, and have the courage to change. Talk to your children, and work on creating a new relationship paradigm.

If you’ve been presented with all of the facts and the philosophical exploration of non-violent parenting, and you are still using violence against your children, then we encourage you to seek therapy. We strongly advocate therapy for everyone, anyway. Self-knowledge is the single most important commitment anyone can make.

If my children are in public school, does that mean I’m a bad person?

No. The founders of this organization have made the same mistakes. Once you’ve understood the predatory nature of public schools, have the courage to create a different environment for your children. Home education is best, however private schools are a great option as well. We’ve developed a home school directory to make this transition as easy as possible.

How can I home school my children, I didn’t even go to college or graduate high school?

There is no correlation between the success of home educated children, and the education level of the parent. We do not advocate bringing the classroom model to the home. The role of the parent is to create an environment for children that supports their natural curiosities, subject learning is a consequence of the child wanting to achieve their own creative goals. Read to your child, and use the video libraries and resources on our home education directory. Your child will receive a depth of knowledge that public schools cannot offer. Motivation, intellectual vitality, creativity, education, and critical thinking, is not the goal of Government schooling.

What does it mean to be a member of Parents For Liberty?

Presently, it just means that you’ve committed to embodying the principles of liberty within your relationships and actions. It also means you’ve committed to using reason and creativity to teach the children in your life, rather than violence. We are working on resources for members and have big plans for a social environment that we’ll be announcing soon.

How much is membership?


Do you accept donations?

Make it rain! Every dollar will be used to build this organization.

Will Parents For Liberty ever accept Government funding?

No. This would be immoral. Governments do not produce wealth, they mine it from the population by force.