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A directory of ‘real’ educational resources for the liberty-minded household. This is a community driven directory, however Parents For Liberty has given each listing its stamp of approval. We encourage you to contribute, it’s free!

We use the term ‘school’ merely because this is a common expression. Home education directory is a more accurate description of this resource.

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Why Schools Don’t Educate – John Taylor Gatto

Why Schools Don’t Educate – John Taylor Gatto

This is the transcript of a speech given by John Taylor Gatto in 1990. It was his acceptance speech for having been named by the New York Senate as the Teacher of the Year for New York City. Originally titled “The Psychopathic School”, it was later published as an article in BEL (May 1991) called “Why Schools Don’t Educate.” Most likely shocking all those in attendance, this teacher of 26 years used his moment in the spotlight to deliver a scathing criticism of the public education system.

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Why Schools Don’t Educate – John Taylor Gatto

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