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A directory of ‘real’ educational resources for the liberty-minded household. This is a community driven directory, however Parents For Liberty has given each listing its stamp of approval. We encourage you to contribute, it’s free!

We use the term ‘school’ merely because this is a common expression. Home education directory is a more accurate description of this resource.

Our goal is to create the most useful home education directory on the internet.

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College Bound

College Admissions for Homeschoolers (article)

Article on Homeschool.com, written in 2005, but still applicable. There are interiews with admissions officers at Harvard, Purdue, and the University of Texas that give excellent advice to homeschooling families with college-bound students.

Colleges with Homeschool Admissions Policies

This list is not complete, but is meant to give you enough examples to determine the kinds of policies most universities/colleges use in regards to students who have been educated wholly or in part at home. The creator of this list lives in Canada so there are several Canadian schools listed, but the vast majority are American schools.

Contests and Scholarships for Homeschoolers

This is an extensive list of contests and scholarships for homeschooled students.

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GradeSaver Study Guides

From the website: Study guides are offered for free by GradeSaver on novels, plays, poems and films ranging from Animal Farm to Yonnondio: From the Thirties. Each study guide includes essays, an in-depth chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quiz. Study guides are available in PDF format. We have literature essays associated with our study guides that are unique and only available through GradeSaver. Each academic essay has been edited and approved by our editors. Many essays are “A” papers that have been written by students from Ivy League colleges.

This site also provides essay editing services, which might be useful for college-bound students who need to write an essay as part of their college entrant requirements.

K12 – An Online Curriculum Alternative

Online classes are an excellent fit for many homeschooling families. Older students who are able to work independently tend to do great in this setting, whether working on a single course here and there or completing their entire high school curriculum online.
K12 is a great resource for parents looking to supplement their teaching with online classes. If the thought of teaching Algebra is giving you nightmares, online classes might work for your family. If you click on the link in the upper-right hand corner to Request Information, they will send you a free information kit for your review.

From the website:
K¹² puts decades of educational research, plus planning and progress tools at your disposal, whether you need just one course or a complete, integrated curriculum. In short, K¹² has solutions to meet your educational needs.

K¹² provides everything you need to help your kids get an exceptional education:
- Best-in-class online lessons and quality hands-on materials
- Teaching guides
- Assessments
- Built-in planning tools to take the guesswork out of what your child should be learning each day
- Built-in progress tools to easily track your child’s progress and modify the pace each day

Our materials kits come complete with virtually everything you need for each grade or lesson, so you minimize preparation time and can focus on teaching. We also offer online placement tests to ensure that your child is placed at the grade level that best suits his or her needs.

866-YOUR K12
MIT Open Courseware

Through MIT’s Open Courseware (referred to on the website as OCW), many of MIT’s courses are available to the self-directed or homeschooled student for free. Of course, no credit is offered toward any degree, but the access to these types of courses for free is a great way to enhance your homeschoolers learning, especially in the subject areas of Math and Science for which MIT is so well known.

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Online Texbooks for Free

Bookboon’s free online textbooks for students are focused and to the point. They are all written by highly respected professors from top universities in the world and cover topics such as economics, statistics, IT, engineering and natural science.

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Free Social and Teaching Network – focused solely on education

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The Journal of College Admission

The Fall 2004 edition of The Journal of College Admission, a quarterly publication by the National Association for College Admission Counseling is comprised almost entirely of articles related to college-bound homeschool students. Some are from the point of view of college admissions officers trying to come up with solutions to the new (2003) mandates that they not discriminate against those educated at home in favor of those coming from traditional high school environments. Others are from the parents’ or students’ point of view.

UnCollege – Hacking Your Education

This site has a long list of resources, recommended reading and a free book, “The UnCollege Manifesto”, an introduction to thinking outside the box when it comes to college and learning skills and knowledge without being in debt for the next few decades. The highlight of this program is the Gap Year: a year that includes 3 months in San Francisco, a custom-designed curriculum, three months studying abroad (designed by the participant), assistance obtaining an internship, and a liberal arts education.