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A directory of ‘real’ educational resources for the liberty-minded household. This is a community driven directory, however Parents For Liberty has given each listing its stamp of approval. We encourage you to contribute, it’s free!

We use the term ‘school’ merely because this is a common expression. Home education directory is a more accurate description of this resource.

Our goal is to create the most useful home education directory on the internet.

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Learning Activities

Cosmic Classroom (Teaching Modules from Space Center Houston)

Cosmic Classroom is a series of teaching modules available for $25 each from Space Center Houston. These are Unit Studies with a central theme of space. There is necessarily an emphasis on Science with lessons in astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry, geology and more. There are also subjects like math, fine arts, and literature thrown in as well.

The link below will take you to a page outlining the various modules available and their descriptions. At the bottom of the page, you will find a .pdf order form to download and print.

On the menu bar on this page, under “Education Programs”, there is a “Homeschool” option. This page is for their annual Homeschool Day at Space Center Houston. At the time of this posting, their 2012 info is still up, but watch this space for the announcement of their 2013 date. This is an excellent program geared just for those who are learning at home and definitely belongs on your field trip calendar!

K12 – National Student Clubs

K12 not only offers online classes, they also offer student clubs for kids nationwide. There are over 100 clubs in categories like Hobbies, College and Career Planning, Art/Music/Dance, and World Languages, just to name a few.
Please note that your child(ren) must be enrolled in a K12 school to participate in these clubs.

New York Philharmonic KidZone

Fantasic site for exploring music with your child(ren). There are activities where they can learn about various instruments and composers or play games like ‘Percussion Showdown’ or ‘Orchestration Station’. If your kid(s) like playing computer games and learning about music, this free site is for you.

Open Culture

From the site: “The best free cultural and educational media on the web.”

Propaganda Techniques in Literature and Online Political Ads

This lesson plan is found under Classroom Resources on readwritethink.org’s website, which is also listed as a separate resource within this directory.

This plan is designed to take four 50-minute sessions to complete. Here is the overview from the site:

After reading or viewing a text, students are introduced to propaganda techniques and then identify examples in the text. Students discuss these examples, and then explore the use of propaganda in popular culture by looking at examples in the media. Students identify examples of propaganda techniques used in clips of online political advertisements and explain how the techniques are used to persuade voters. Next, students explore the similarities of the propaganda techniques used in the literary text and in the online political ads to explain the commentary the text is making about contemporary society. Finally, students write a persuasive essay in support of a given statement.

In this lesson, some specific references are made to Brave New World as examples. A text list suggests additional novels, short stories, plays, and movies that will also work for this activity.


While this site is intended for ‘traditional’ teachers, its extensive list of resources is also useful for homeschooling families. It includes a search tool to find lesson plans and learning activities by grade level or by type of resource. At the time of this posting, there are more than 800 lesson plans available here.

Student Showcases and Competitions

K12 enrollees (see their entry under Online Curriculum) can participate in several showcases and competitions including an annual Art competition, Music showcase (online), and an annual Spelling Bee.

Young Writers Program

November is National Novel Writing Month, but you can download and print these free .pdf workbooks to assist your child(ren) in completing the challenge of writing an novel in 30 days any time you want. There are three different workbooks, one for elementary, one for middle school, and another for high school students.

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