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A directory of ‘real’ educational resources for the liberty-minded household. This is a community driven directory, however Parents For Liberty has given each listing its stamp of approval. We encourage you to contribute, it’s free!

We use the term ‘school’ merely because this is a common expression. Home education directory is a more accurate description of this resource.

Our goal is to create the most useful home education directory on the internet.

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Learn Liberty

A free video library for economics, history, law, philosophy, political science, classical liberalism, finance, etc.

Video Library
Liberty Classroom

Are you interested in history and economics from a pro-freedom perspective, but don’t know where to begin or which sources you can trust?
Do you wish you could defend yourself more effectively in discussions with friends, family, and colleagues?
Is your history teacher or professor giving you a biased version of history?
Do you read articles critical of the free society and wish you could answer them?
Are you tired of propaganda and eager for the truth?

Then Liberty Classroom is for you.

Now you can learn real American and European history, as well as economics, from professors you can trust in an inexpensive online classroom that meets whenever you want it to.  Lectures are available in both video and audio format, and can be viewed or listened to on your computer or on your mobile device.  Discussion boards allow you to ask questions of faculty and discuss course content with fellow students.

Library of Economics & Liberty (EconLib)

The Library of Economics and Liberty is dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets, and liberty. It offers a unique combination of resources for students, teachers, researchers, and aficionados of economic thought.

The site includes a daily weblog (EconLog) on economic issues, a weekly podcast (EconTalk) hosted by Russ Roberts, full-text and searchable classics in the history of economic thought, the “Concise Encyclopedia of Economics,” and a special Guides & Topics section, filled with resources for teaching and learning.

Life of Fred Mathematics

The Life of Fred takes a unique approach to teaching children, not only math, but many useful life lessons and subjects usually taught completely separate from math. The series covers from Kindergarten through the 2nd year of college mathematics, and there is helpful information on the publisher’s website in regards to where to start your child(ren).

The characteristics that set this curriculum apart from others are:
1. It is fun.
2. It explains the need for math.
3. It is inexpensive.
4. It provides a broader education.
5. It is complete.

Through books that read like a humorous novel about a 5-year-old college professor (how can it not be funny?), the author, Stanley Schmidt, engages students in a story where situations arise that can be dealt with by using math. The student is introduced to the need first, then the application. You will not find endless repitition of the same types of problems as in traditional math curricula. There is a ‘bridge’ after every 4 or 5 chapters that the student must successfully ‘cross’ before earning the right to go on to the next chapter. The bridges cover all material to date, ensuring that the student is remembering previous skills and is able to apply them to new problems along the way.

For parents worried if their math skills are up to being able to teach their child(ren), this series is for you. Many parents learn along with their children and enjoy it as much as the kids. After the elementary set, students are expected to work independently with very little, if any, parental instruction required. The entertainment factor is what keeps kids interested and staves of questions like “When am I ever going to use this stuff?”

One of the best things about the series is that each hardback book can be used for younger siblings. All work is done on paper – not in the book – so you can keep using the same books over and over.

The website link below is to the publisher’s site, where you can order the books for a great price and free shipping. They are also available through other sellers as well as Amazon. The information, FAQ’s, and testimonials on the site linked below are the best place to start to learn about The Life of Fred, whether or not you end up purchasing from that site.

Mises Acadamy

The Mises Academy (founded 2010) is the online teaching service of the Ludwig von Mises Institute (founded 1982), designed for students of all ages. Drawing on the Mises Institute’s expert faculty, and long experience in curriculum design and classroom administration, the Academy advances the scholarship and teaching of liberty using digital media. Classes have an economics focus, but cover history, philosophy, law, politics, literature, and more.

Classes include forums, readings, video and audio, study questions, quizzes, forums, chats, live interaction with the professor, office hours, grading, transcripts, and more (tests and grading are optional). Students enjoy access to blogs and class-specific forums, providing opportunities to get to know fellow students. Papers can be uploaded, corrected and commented upon. Students have permanent access to their records. A complete support staff is here to help you. See this video introduction.

“Very few classes have really changed my life dramatically, actually only 3 have, and all 3 were classes I took at the Mises Academy.” ~ Marc Abela, student

Mises Academy
MIT Open Courseware

Through MIT’s Open Courseware (referred to on the website as OCW), many of MIT’s courses are available to the self-directed or homeschooled student for free. Of course, no credit is offered toward any degree, but the access to these types of courses for free is a great way to enhance your homeschoolers learning, especially in the subject areas of Math and Science for which MIT is so well known.

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New York Philharmonic KidZone

Fantasic site for exploring music with your child(ren). There are activities where they can learn about various instruments and composers or play games like ‘Percussion Showdown’ or ‘Orchestration Station’. If your kid(s) like playing computer games and learning about music, this free site is for you.

Online Texbooks for Free

Bookboon’s free online textbooks for students are focused and to the point. They are all written by highly respected professors from top universities in the world and cover topics such as economics, statistics, IT, engineering and natural science.

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Open Culture

From the site: “The best free cultural and educational media on the web.”

Papers by Murray N. Rothbard

Mises.org has an extensive collection of Rothbard’s papers available for free here.

Rothbard has a way of explaining things so simply, that even younger readers will find enjoyment learning real history, sound economics, philosophy, and politics.

Murray N. Rothbard (1926–1995) was dean of the Austrian School. He was an economist, economic historian, and libertarian political philosopher.