The Non-Aggression Axiom – Fundamental Principle of Liberty

The Non Aggression Axiom   Walter Block Interview   YouTube

Lew Rockwell interviews Walter Block. This is the philosophy that creates the foundation for a truly free world. … [Read more...]

Philosophy of Liberty: Plunder – Animated Video

The Philosophy of Liberty  Plunder   YouTube

In this follow up video to The Philosophy of Liberty: Property, we explore Frederic Bastiat's concept of Legal Plunder. Is it ever OK for government to steal your stuff and give it to someone else? Or … [Read more...]

Positive Rights vs. Negative Rights

Positive Rights vs. Negative Rights   YouTube

Prof. Aeon Skoble describes the key differences between positive and negative rights. Fundamentally, positive rights require others to provide you with either a good or service. A negative right, on … [Read more...]

Where Do Rights Come From?

Where Do Rights Come From    YouTube

Where do rights come from? Prof. Aeon Skoble claims that there are several types of rights that come from various sources. For instance, voting rights and contract rights come from the legal system. … [Read more...]

What Are Rights?

What Are Rights    YouTube

Individuals have rights. But are they natural? And how do they compare and contrast with legal or constitutional rights? Are legal or constitutional rights similar to those inalienable rights … [Read more...]

Is It Okay To Use Force? Animated Video That Encourages Critical Thinking

George Ought to Help   YouTube

This video is entitled, George Ought To Help. An examination into the use of force and the act violence used against peaceful people for a democratic end. Free PDF books: 'For a New … [Read more...]

The Philosophy of Liberty: Property – Who Owns You?

The Philosophy of Liberty  Property   YouTube

Who Owns You? Does anyone other than you have the right to tell you what you can do to your body, or with your property? This video explores the fundamental concepts of Frederic Bastiat and John Locke … [Read more...]

Philosophy of Liberty: Self Ownership – Animated Video

The Philosophy of Liberty   YouTube

The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. This simple but elegant and hard-hitting animation will explain exactly what that means. It's a great tool anyone can use to educate children and … [Read more...]

Liberty Calls Us To Uphold A High Standard Of Personal Character – By Dr. Lawrence Reed

lawrence reed

This speech was given at a Students For Liberty conference in Austin. You will be inspired! … [Read more...]