Wealth Is Unlimited by Dr. Mary Ruwart

A special thanks to Dr. Ruwart for contributing yet another chapter of Healing Our World on wealth creation. If you haven’t already, please read her endorsement of Parents For Liberty.

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Here’s an excerpt:

Wealth Is Unlimited!

Wealth is created when we use existing resources in new ways. Because such creativity is virtually limitless, wealth is too.

What Is Wealth Anyway?

To determine whether we shortchange ourselves by choosing taxation and other forms of aggression as a means to our ends, we must understand the true nature of wealth. We usually equate money with wealth, but they are really very different things. Imagine a person stranded on a desert island without food, water, shelter, or medicine, but with a billion dollars in gold coin. Is this person wealthy?

Hardly! Food, water, shelter, and medicine—prerequisites for survival—are true wealth. Money can only buy available goods or services. If no wealth is available, money is worthless.

Even the richest of the ancients lived in what we would consider grinding poverty. Two thousand years ago, they had limited knowledge of antibiotics, anesthetics, or surgery. Helplessly, they watched as their children died from commonplace infections and appendicitis. Television, telephones, airplanes, and air conditioning had not yet been invented. News traveled only as fast as horses could carry it. Family members who had migrated to distant lands could not readily visit or send letters. On a sweltering day, even the ruling pharaohs could not enjoy the simple pleasures of an iced drink.

The wealthiest of our ancient ancestors could not imagine many of the things that we take for granted today. Our wealth has increased greatly over the centuries.

How Is Wealth Created?

Where did we get all this wealth? The earth certainly did not get more natural resources between ancient times and the present. Instead, we discovered new ways to use the resources the we have. Coal, oil, and natural gas give us an unprecedented amount of power. We send communications via satellite. The Internet allows us to access much of the world’s knowledge instantly. Artificial wings fly us all over the world. Assembly lines and robotics mass produce the new products, thereby multiplying the wealth. One advance leads to the next.

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