Podcast: Justin Arman Speaking About Conscious Parenting on Rise Up Radio

Justin Arman and John Bush, of Rise Up Radio, discuss conscious, natural parenting.


  1. Nichole Senator says:

    I am new to the whole unschooling/libertarian way of thinking. This podcast helped me with the next step in understanding. Finding what makes me happy. I have three children. One in college, one that got a GED a year early, and now I just have my 8 year old at home. We are living with my parents, who are Not libertarian. I suffered several ‘breakdowns’ after teaching special needs high school for 4+ years (6 years of teaching total). My son lived with his grandmother for several months, while I was ‘in a bad way’. I actually lived in my car for a couple months over the summer this year. My mother offered to help me, by allowing us to live with her and gave me the option not to go to work for a while, until I ‘got myself together’.. So, me and Max came to live with them. I planned to homeschool, because of my overall disgust with the public school system (since I was young).. I found out about online public school and we tried that for almost a month.. It was horrid… Max and I were very frustrated everyday, trying to get it all done… Test, after test, after test was administered… And I just said, forget it…
    We’ve just had one full week of homeschooling… but just a couple days ago, I decided to just call it ‘learning’. I feel like I am on the right track now. And I just found this website today and I wanted to say Thank You to the couple that started it and for sharing your stories/ideas. I am in a situation at the moment, where I am depending on others for basic needs/survival and I’m struggling with coming up with a way to become independent again, so that I can run my household the way I feel is right…

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