Quick Note from Justin Arman

Hi! I’m excited to announce this organization that I’ve been co-creating with my beautiful wife, Jessica, and our three awesome children. Our website is currently under construction and will be set to launch by January, 2013. We’re beginning to publish articles and revise content as things begin falling into place.

Liberty is a state of mind that cannot be taken from you by any external force, it’s inherently yours.

Living by a clear code of moral principles, self-ownership, and nonviolence, will change your world if you are courageous enough to let these principles shine upon all areas of your life.

Parents For Liberty is dedicated to offering resources and information that will support you and empower you to create a harmonious and joyful family life.

The family unit is where we learn how to associate with others and is the microcosm of any community. The single most important decision a person can make is being a living example of liberty, high moral character, and commitment to self-knowledge.

Check out our initial about page to get more details. We will be continuously developing this page. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.