Explore Libertarian Parenting – Frances Kendall: Freedom and the Child

Frances Kendall  Freedom and the Child   YouTube

Frances Kendall is a portrait artist, businesswoman, former politician, and author living in South Africa. She is the co-author (with Leon Louw) of South Africa: The Solution (1986). This 1984 … [Read more...]

Positive Discipline vs. Punishment by Dr. Jane Nelson

positive discipline

Most people believe that removing spanking and punishment from parenting means that their children will not learn consequences and become ill-behaved. Long term scientific research proves that the … [Read more...]

Philosophically Debunking The Need For Spanking Children

Spanking Versus Permissiveness   Philosophical Parenting   YouTube

This talk philosophically examines why spanking is never a legitimate means of teaching your child. Stefan also makes the distinction between Spanking vs. Permissiveness. Many parents believe that not … [Read more...]

Philosophical Parenting by Stefan Molyneux

A Philosopher As Parent Part 1   YouTube

Philosophical parenting from Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio. Stefan has also put together a 5 part podcast on philosophical parenting! … [Read more...]